Nutrigo Lab Regeneration Review - Nutrigo Lab Regeneration Food Supplement for Body Building

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration Reviews

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is a dietary supplement created for amateur and professional exercisers. It will meet the expectations of everyone looking for effective support for their trainingIt is especially recommended for people who have problems with too slow regeneration.

After intense workouts, our muscles are simply hungry and need quick nourishment. Highly digestible forms of proteins contained in Nutrigo Lab Regeneration ensure immediate delivery to the muscles of all the ingredients that are needed for the proper growth of volume and strength. Each serving of Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is a real boost of energy and ingredients that build and nourish muscle cells in our body.

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Nutrigo Lab RegenerationThe secret of the effectiveness of Nutrigo Lab Regeneration lies in its composition, which includes:

Optipep Hydrolyzed Whey Protein.

It is an ultra pure form of protein resulting from the hydrolysis process of whey protein isolate. Hydrolyzed protein facilitates faster absorption of amino acids for a better anabolic stimulus and stimulates greater protein synthesis. Hydrolysed whey protein ensures optimal digestibility and an accelerated digestion process. Its rich amino acid profile means it is perfect for post-workout use as it delivers nutrients to the muscles much faster than any other form of protein. Hydrolyzed Whey Protein is considered the most useful form of protein.

PeptoPro casein hydrolyzate.

Casein is one of the two forms of protein in milk. Compared to whey protein, the absorption process of casein is much longer, so it should be taken at night. Like other animal proteins, casein is a complete source of all the essential amino acids our body needs after training to recover properly. The process of casein hydrolysis significantly facilitates its digestion, which means that it can reach our muscles faster. Thanks to the long-term release of amino acids into the muscle cells, casein works anti-catabolic, reducing the breakdown of proteins in the body. Like whey protein, casein affects the process of hypertrophy, i.e. the gradual increase in muscle mass resulting from strength training. It can also help reduce body fat.

BCAA branched amino acids

BCAAs are a group of three essential chemicals: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They all have a branched molecular structure and are considered essential for the proper functioning of the human body. BCAA amino acids stimulate protein synthesis, support the process of building muscle mass and reducing body fat. They work anti-catabolic, reduce muscle soreness after intense strength training and accelerate regeneration.

Citrulline malate and AAKG.

One of the best advantages of citrulline malate is the increase in the production of ATP - a compound that is the basic energy carrier in the human body. It is needed by every living cell in our body, especially muscle cells subjected to regular strength training. Increased ATP production also leads to an increase in the intensity of our training and speeds up the regeneration process. The benefits of l-arginine are primarily vasodilation, which increases the flow of nutrient-rich blood to our muscles.

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Black pepper fruit extract

Black pepper contains a compound called piperine, which is an alkaloid such as capsaicin found in chilli and cayenne pepper. Piperine has been shown to help relieve nausea and headaches, as well as contribute to the proper functioning of the digestive system and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration Review

Natural regeneration methods are certainly effective, but most professional athletes use the following methods Nutrigo Lab Regeneration He can quickly return to interrupted training without fear of lack of strength . This supplement is especially recommended for all lovers of bodybuilding, this difficult, but at the same time extremely beautiful sport, and this is because each portion of it contains as much as 90 percent of the active ingredients . They have been extensively tested to maximize their effects , so Nutrigo Lab Regeneration contains substances such as ..:

  • whey protein hydrolyzate - Optipep® , a substance patented by the manufacturer, easily assimilated, so that it can instantly fill all the deficiencies of this important constituent element of our muscle tissue, without which its correct growth is not at stake;
  • Casein hydrolyzate - PeptoPro® , another component responsible for rapid muscle growth. Casein is widely used by athletes, mainly due to its anti-catabolic properties, that is, preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue and increasing the absorption of amino acids, also accelerating the development of muscles.
  • I - leucine , an essential amino acid for any strength training. Unfortunately, our body is not able to produce it alone, so it has to be supplied with food or as a component of dietary supplements such as Nutrigo Lab Regeneration. Accelerates muscle regeneration, increases general physical condition and allows control of blood sugar levels;
  • l - glutamine , another amino acid, this time found in our blood and brain, improving efficiency in high physical activity, taking an active part in nitrogen metabolism, removing toxins from the body, including ammonia and other metabolic products that can interfere with growth adequate muscle mass;
  • l - valine , as well as the casein that protects muscle tissue against uncontrolled decomposition, which must also be supplied with food or in the form of supplements. Participates in the process of muscle protein synthesis, provides the necessary energy for exercise, increases muscle strength and mass, reduces excess body fat, effectively removes the effects of fatigue;
  • l - isoleucine , branched amino acid, another component that protects muscles against catabolism, participating in the regeneration process of damaged tissues, which can occur in the event of injury, accelerating their healing, also affecting protein synthesis in the muscles and liver;
  • black pepper extract containing a piperine with slimming properties to help burn excess body fat quickly, regulate digestion, support concentration and improve general psychophysical condition;
  • Vitamin B6 , essential for the proper functioning of many important systems in our body, especially the immune and nervous systems. It participates in the transformation of carbohydrates and fats into energy and, like the components mentioned above, in protein synthesis, thus promoting muscle growth and regeneration.
  • Nutrigo Lab Regeneration instantly removes all fatigue effects while giving you energy for more exercise or other forms of physical activity. Its regular use also guarantees a complete replenishment of glycogen stores and prevents muscle pain, which is often found in strength sports. All active ingredients are fully absorbed about half an hour after preparation, maximizing the results achieved.

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